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Word of Mouth

Passion project

Designing a better planning experience to minimize social isolation while discovering the neighborhood.



HelloFresh collaboration

Designing a work management plugin to organize and increase recipe creations.

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Achievements 🏅

Contessa 2021 - Canadian Nail Artist Finalist collection

Contessa 2018 - Canadian Nail Artist Winning collection

Contessa 2017 - Canadian Nail Artist Finalist collection

Hello again, I'm Shirley! ✌️

An Award-winning Canadian nail artist turned UX designer.

(and sociable cat lady)

As a nail artist, I empathize with clients on a daily basis, understand that each client has different needs and goals, and regularly update my knowledge about new trends. 

As a UX designer, I quickly adapt to new problem spaces, positively accepting critical feedback, taking the initiative to speak up while working in a team, and actively pursuing opportunities to improve technical skills.

Diving into a problem space with an open mind is how I approach each challenge. I believe that working on individual projects opens up room for creativity and personal growth, and group work allows each member to collaborate on ideas, trust each other, be reliable, be supported, and be supportive.

Interested? Email me for my résumé.
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🤔 Why UX Design?

As the youngest child, I looked up to my three talented siblings when it came to design, technology, and experiences.


Working as a nail artist for the last 8 years helped me learn and grow - to understand people's goals and to really work hard when there is so much room for improvement. 


These influences led me to become a UX designer which allows me to solve problems, design with purpose, and to impact experiences! 

I also recently graduated from BrainStation so that I can dive in deeper into UX design and to gain the education element of things.

Want to know even more about me?
Email me and connect on LinkedIn

Check out my Instagram to see nail designs 💅🏻

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