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Project Background

HelpMe Feed supports health professionals to bridge the gap between in-person breastfeeding consultations. Parents get the benefits of safe, secure communication and a library of support.

For over five years, there were little to no updates to the HelpMe Feed app and web portal, so there were design inconsistencies throughout. To comfortably introduce new features, I was hired to team up with another UX designer and product manager.

My Responsibilities

  • Mobile and web portal design update

  • Design new features

  • High-fidelity prototypes for team and stakeholder demos


Design Update

After adjusting the design inconsistencies found throughout the app and web portal, I made design changes that the product manager reviewed.

Mobile Update Comparisons (3).png

• The bright red circle around the avatar is a better indication of a 'high priority patient'

+ I would have liked to include the text 'high priority client' below the avatar so that there is no confusion

• Combining the videos and documents tabs into one helps users to view all content at once

• The alerting red notification at the top of the screen, throughout the app, is removed and the dark colour to indicate 'Offline' is understood (and 100% calmer)

I would have liked to include the same text below 'Do Not Disturb' in the updated version so that there is no confusion

• The Keppel hue is beautiful and is on brand, but it does not pass the contrast checker

I would have liked to make the gray text a little darker to make it accessible

• The log out button

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